We have printing centers throughout Italy, equipped with the latest generation equipment, managed by qualified personnel and equipped with cutting-edge software

  the technologies of the future, the experience of the past, the usual care  


We are present in five important Italian public universities - Rome, Trento, Bergamo, Ferrara, Padua and Polytechnic of the Marche - and in the offices of large companies such as Salini - Impregilo S.p.A. and COCIV

We offer massive printing services for any format, from A5 to A0 and beyond: we can automatically receive data from your management software, as we already do for ANAS and Italferr, print digitally and deliver the documentation wherever you are. Graphs, CAD designers, architects - able to manage any type of document - are always at your disposal for any need.

Added values

Efficiency: the organization of our production chain allows us to deliver to our customers very high quantities of printing, bound and packaged, in a short time, without losing quality ... wherever you are!

Security: in processing your data we guarantee compliance with current privacy legislation, with maximum levels of confidentiality. Our physical and IT security systems are certified according to international standards.

Quality: our digital printing follows strict quality and control procedures (Business Continuity, Information Security, FSC® printing and reduced environmental impact

Interchange: the transmission of print data takes place automatically between your systems and ours, according to agreed methods. We sort the flows according to the sending channel chosen for each recipient: print, PEC, email, interchange systems. We can thus optimize the composition of the documents, integrating the paper format with the digital one (mixed product)

Composition of documents: we treat both documents that are already printable, such as AFP or PDF formats, and files to be edited or processed graphically; in fact, we have architects, CAD designers and graphic designers who are able to manage any type of document

University Press Centers

In recent years, ALBA has gained solid experience in the university and library field, winning important Concessions for photocopying, printing, plotting and digitization services (ancient and modern), at the following structures


Thanks to agreements with partners of the highest international level (Canon, Konica-Minolta, HP, Xerox, Metis), ALBA has developed and made operational inter-departmental printing centers (self-service and with operator) unique in their kind in Italy ; making use of the latest hardware and software technologies, it allows students, teachers and university staff to take advantage of an INTEGRATED PRINTING AND DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICE - modern, efficient, cheap and fast, manageable from any mobile device


Our Document Management systems allow the integrated use of multifunction printers, scanners and plotters via magnetic stripe electronic card, which can be the one in use at the University or a new free badge for the university and distributed through prepaid card dispensers , of the type with microchip or disposable

Through this prepaid badge / card, which provides a virtual credit to scale, the user has access, in total autonomy, to a series of services such as:

  • B/W and Color Prints / Copies / Scans in A5 / A4 / A3 / A2 / A1 / A0 formats
  • Connection of external USB media with recognition and printing of PDF, TIFF and JPG files
  • APP Dedicated for sending files to print from any Mobile device and from the Cloud
  • Print from Web Print, online web portal
  • Print E-Mail to Print, by e-mail
  • Saving Scans on USB media in a Cloud folder or sending an e-mail attachment
  • Editing pre-print files from computer stations made available to the user free of charge
  • Verification of the remaining credit and top-up

In particular, through a dedicated portal, the online integration of hardware and services does not need to install printer drivers locally: the system is accessible from any device connected to the internet or in Wi-Fi, browsing with your favorite browser or using a simple APP

The student, from home or from anywhere else, can send their documents to university printers directly from PC or MAC stations, laptops, tablets or smartphones, with the same ease with which you send an e-mail, ensuring compliance budgets and the correct charging of costs

All printing operations are visible in a single work queue from your user profile, even if sent from different places and devices and with different operating systems, therefore they remain modifiable and in progress until implementation, as is the case for the printer of home.

Instead, for copy / scan operations, the user can use any multifunction printer located in the University and upload their work to a USB-KEY, but also send it to a pre-registered personal mailbox or to an online Cloud folder. By entering the portal, under his own profile, the user can also view the history of services received at any time with details of date, type and amount

In recent years we can say that we have contributed to modernizing the university press service in Italy, introducing new reference standards for the sector


In the press centers with operator, other typical services of the school-university context are also offered, and in particular:

  • Thesis Printing and Binding
  • University Notes (Archiving and reproduction)
  • Digitization of texts and archives
  • Burns
  • Consulting and graphic design
  • CAD Service
  • 3D printing
  • Creation of brochures, flyers, posters
  • Business cards
  • Binders

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