Document management is now a key element for many companies, public and private. In our days, archives have increased their complexity compared to traditional paper, structuring themselves into mixed files, where traditional analog and digital elements often coexist. That's why a different skill is required than in the past

  ALBA offre un servizio integrato di gestione documentale di archivi cartacei e digitali, adattabile a qualsiasi esigenza. PENSIAMO A TUTTO NOI DALLA A ALLA Z fornendo al Cliente un pacchetto chiavi in mano  


Our documentary services range from the physical conservation of paper archives, at our warehouse, to the optical acquisition and automatic capture of data (digitization), from the IT protocol to archival consultancy, from the web consultation of the archive to the selection / waste / waste paper, from home delivery of original documents to replacement storage

With our customers we develop a dedicated archival project, through which the traceability, consultation and printing of any document becomes simple, fast and secure.

In this way, our customers regain otherwise unusable premises and physical spaces and above all exponentially speed up the search for paper documents that have remained "buried" for years and are in fact no longer available, with a significant increase in productivity in the various work processes.

A complete service with everything you need

Physical archiving - management and custody of documents

  • Ritiro presso le sedi indicate dal Cliente della documentazione cartacea
  • Drafting of an ad hoc filing procedure
  • Conferment and customization of our ALBA SAFE Archive management software
  • Cataloging and classification of documentation
  • Coding and labeling of archive boxes
  • Systematic and accurate shelving of boxes
  • Physical consultation of the originals at our warehouse or delivery to the customer's premises
  • Selection, waste and certified pulp
  • Advanced logistics services

Document dematerialisation

  • Standardization of dossiers and procedures for physical preparation for optimal document scanning
  • Optical acquisition of documentation and data capture
  • Converting analog images into digital images
  • Populating databases with data entry through automatic or manual procedures
  • Servizio opzionale di installazione software di gestione e/o hardware presso il Cliente o sedi indicate
  • Riconsegna al Cliente della documentazione cartacea riordinata e digitalizzata o in alternativa custodia della stessa presso le nostre sedi
  • Storage on CD-ROM / DVD / Server, including related data and images
  • Integration of new digital archives with existing databases
  • Online database consultation services
  • Replacement archives conservation

Physical and IT security

Our documentary services range from the physical preservation of paper archives (deposit or historical archives), to the optical acquisition and automatic capture of the data contained in the documentation, from the IT protocol to archival consultancy, from structured logistics to the selection / waste / waste paper service , from the web consultation of the archive to the delivery of the original documentation.

And since most of the time these are sensitive documents for the company that entrusts them to us, physical and IT security must always be at the first place!

Our archival warehouse is constantly monitored, is equipped with controlled accesses, a video surveillance system and alarm and anti-intrusion systems, connected to the armed surveillance. A secure transmission channel and the use of encryption algorithms, on the other hand, preserve unwanted IT access to your documents, respecting the current Privacy legislation. Your documents can always be viewed by accessing our web portal, from any browser and even on the move (tablet and smartphone), you can manage workflows, easily identify the file using different search keys or by browsing folders, view and download the documentation directly

The ALBA archival warehouse and its strategic location

Located in central Italy, about 30 minutes from Rome, it is easily accessible thanks to the Pontina highway that connects it to the capital and to the G.R.A. [A90], then to the other main highways, to metropolitan airports and to regional and national railway stations

The location of the depot, in the municipality of Aprilia [LT], was carefully chosen also to logistically avoid the traffic of the capital and the sources of metropolitan and industrial pollution which, with their dust, can affect document conservation and maintenance . Furthermore, the climatic zone of the place is optimal, in terms of temperature and humidity, for a paper archive.

The building has a capacity of about 60,000 cubic meters, is completely fenced and monitored, has a rest area specifically dedicated to the loading and unloading of documents. It has seven accesses for heavy vehicles and ten additional accesses for smaller vehicles. The complex also has large squares and fully paved car parks that allow easy entry even for articulated vehicles with five axles


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