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ALBA provides services for companies according to a Certified Quality Management System, using procedures that provide for the specific technical training of the personnel involved in the various activities and continuous training in relation to the specific roles of each Order, with particular regard to the selection of personnel and the establishment of dedicated work teams

L'attenzione particolare ed un impegno costante, hanno consentito alla nostra azienda di ottenere e mantenere nel corso degli anni importanti Certificazioni - UNI EN ISO 9001:2015; UNI EN ISO 14001:2015; UNI EN ISO 45001:2015; ISO/IEC 27001:2014; FSC - che formano il nostro Sistema Integrato della Certificazioni (S.I.C.), il quale rende di fatto ALBA S.r.l. sull'intero territorio nazionale, un soggetto unico nel suo genere per la tipologia e la qualità dei servizi proposti

In detail

Our Integrated Certification System (in short S.I.C.) shows how the documentary and procedural support that describes the entire Quality System of our organization can be adapted to each particular Order

In particular, the Order Plan is developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001/2015 for the purpose of:

  • define the project management methods associated with the quality aspects of the service inherent in the services and supplies envisaged by the contract
  • disclose the operating procedures envisaged for the performance to all personnel involved in the project
  • be a reference for the Customer's or internal audits

While our Service Execution Plan is structured on the following structure:

  • Methodologies
  • Customer Satisfaction with monthly reporting
  • Contract and service management team
  • Continuity of the service
  • Internal training
  • Quality of the relationship with the end user
  • How to handle problems
  • Change management method


UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (IAF 33-34-35)

The ISO 9001 certification shows that the Company's quality management system has been recognized as conforming to a standard of excellence. The quality of production processes, products and services, decision-making and administrative procedures, customer support, business organization, responds to a precise demand from our customers and allows us to constantly identify the margins for improvement and business growth.

We are certified in Quality for the following sectors:

  • IAF 33 - Tecnologie dell'informazione - progettazione, manutenzione e sviluppo software per sistemi di archiviazione e gestione documentale
  • IAF 34 - Studi di consulenza tecnica, ingegneria
  • IAF 35 - Servizio di Conservazione e gestione fisica e ottica dei documenti attraverso l'utilizzo di Sistemi informatici


UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 (IAF 33-34-35)

The 14001 certification is supported by an international voluntary standard. The voluntaristic logic of ISO 14001 leaves the Company full freedom to choose its own improvement objectives; there are some essential prerequisites, such as management's commitment to compliance with environmental standards and continuous improvement on this front. The ISO 14001 certification does not attest to a particular environmental performance, nor does it demonstrate a particularly low or zero impact, but rather demonstrates that the certified organization follows an adequate management system to keep the environmental impacts of its activities under control and seeks them systematically improving in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way


UNI EN ISO 45001:2015 (IAF 33-34-35)

La certificazione ISO 45001 attesta che il sistema di gestione aziendale è conforme allo standard di riferimento e comunica a tutti i dipendenti e collaboratori, ai fornitori di beni e/o servizi e a tutti i Committenti, che l'Azienda è impegnata nel proteggere proattivamente la salute e la sicurezza dei propri lavoratori

Information security

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (EA 33-34-35)

The ISO / IEC 27001 Standard - Information Technology, Security Techniques, Information Security Management Systems, Requirements - is an international standard that defines the requirements for setting up and managing an Information Security Management System - SGSI or ISMS from English Information Security Management System - and includes aspects related to logical, physical and organizational security.

Card from Certified Forests

FSC - Catena custodia ver.3.0

The Chain of Custody Certification (COC) certifies the traceability of materials from FSCG certified forests; thanks to this certification, an organization can guarantee the market regarding the origin of the wood or paper used for its products and therefore demonstrate its active contribution to responsible forest management in a correct, transparent and controlled manner.

Eco sustainability  

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